Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good Times Cosmo Cricket Snorkel Board Book

Ryan recently went to the Port Townsend marine center for a field trip.He begged and begged to take his dads new camara with him to take pictures.Against my better judgment his dad said yes.I should never have protested because I am so thankful for the wonderful pictures he took.I am so proud of him.I wanted to make him his own book and this paper just fit perfect.I used a maya road tab book and the 4x6 pictures fit so good on it.Ryan helped come up with the title and I left the journaling areas blank so he can fill them in.I used Martha Stewart microbeads for the title they are so fun they are my new favorite thing.I also used them inside to embellish :)


  1. I loved your mensage. Your blog is wonderful!

    Carol - Brazil