Monday, February 8, 2010

The Bike

Family fun festival was this weekend. The kids look forward to this fun event every year.We had fun visiting all the rooms. In the gym they always have a raffle and silent auction we all put or tickets in different things and hoped for a win.McKenna was so in love with this pretty pink bike with a Hannah Montana helmet. She had talked about it the days before.She had helped get ready for the auction on Friday and had taken the helmet up to the stage where they were setting all the items in preparation for Saturdays event.So to no ones surprise she wanted to put her ticket in that bag.I had no idea she was going to put all fourteen of them in.So we leave the festival and go to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. I was really enjoying this time together since we rarely have family days. I work the weekends when everyone else is home but this Saturday I was home really early.As we where waiting for our food McKenna starts saying "oh I sure hope I win that bike,I put all my tickets in for it.I want it so bad" just as she finishes telling us all this we get a phone call saying she won !!! The look on her face is forever burned in my head. She was so excited!!!! you could see she wanted to cry but didn't understand why.She of course was so excited to go get the bike she was all the sudden not very hungry and didn't even want her Shirley temple she looks so forward to. I am so thankful for this sweet moment with her that she and I will never forget.I am always reminded that its theses moments that make my life so great.

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