Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Live Slow" Cosmo Cricket Earth Love

I just love this line of paper!!! I have had it for awhile wanting so bad to use it. I saw a really great page on Cosmo Crickets fan page on facebook and was inspired. Mine is not as cute as the one I saw. I love how the tree turned out and the little birds :) This picture of Riley is one of my favorites. McKenna took this of him. I just cant believe how sweet it turned out.She is always taking pictures and I don't even know what she has taken until I load my memory card onto the computer. Such sweet little surprises I get :)


  1. LOVE IT! (The page and the photo!) Your kids are taking after you with their photo taking skills! You know, I thought I left a post on here about McKenna winning the bike at the Family Fun Day - I must have done something wrong - Anyway, way to go, McKenna! That is soooooo COOOOOOL!

  2. Thanks Carmen!! Ryan was so sweet with his pictures he really took pictures of cool stuff.there where more i just didn't post.love him!!!