Friday, October 22, 2010

"Snowy Day" Paper Flower Wreath

I just couldn't wait to get started on another wreath. The Halloween one was so much fun!! This one will go to doodlebugs and be on display there. So that gives me another reason to make just one more for myself ..  Then I think I might make a few for gifts.The hardest part of the whole thing is finding the wreath base in my small town.

I really like using the crate papers "snowy day" line because I thought it could stay up past Christmas.It's winter look was perfect.I think the next one will be a traditional Christmas to find the perfect paper and get all the glitter cleaned up.

thank you all for the wonderful comments I have received lately its sooooo nice.I had a lot of visitors from Cosmo Crickets blog,they featured my advent calender in a post, but... they said my name was Sunny!!! LOL!! here is the link

i guess its just my sunny disposition :)


  1. Sunny is famous lol!!!maybe that could be my super star name.