Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let there be Joy

Sunday morning as I was getting ready for work so very early in the morning. I get so much thinking done between 5 am and 6:30am when I start work. Last week seemed to be kind of a bummer week. Not because anything really bad happened just little stuff that seemed to feel bigger than it should have been. Stuff that seemed to take a lot of my attention in a negative way. While I was taking my shower (yes the place I seem to get my most inspirational thoughts). I was worrying about some work issues and was trying to get myself in the “mood” for working. I thought ‘’ok sherree you need to little joy in your heart” you are worrying to much and being way to negative. Well what can I do to help myself out of this slump ?I know this is going to sound so silly. I am going to make a goal that I will find joy today. I am going to find joy in the small stuff, the big stuff, and even the hard stuff. I know sounds like the three little bears oh well. So I posted a status update on face book and hit send and knew I better really do this now. I closed the computer and of to work I go. I get in the car and it’s the first really cold day Sequim has had this yr . I was freezing it was dark and cold outside. I get in the car and I remember I have a seat warmers!!! oh my I was so happy!!! I thought yahoo joy the butt warmer I call it that I thought was so silly when we first got the car was making me so happy. The little things in life. As I go through the day I share my thoughts on joy and try to spread as much as I can. I tried to take note of all the things I loved about this day. The way the butter whips so pretty for the pancakes we serve. The beautiful fresh orange juice and the wonderful smell of bacon that fills the air. The happy orange color of my customers jacket. She is recovering from cancer and how good she felt as I took time on to move her to a warmer table and that I remembered she likes pecans in her oatmeal. The good laugh I had with some customers I just love. As I went through the day I realized how much control I have over how I feel that I can chose to feel joy. It’s a choice I can make when I awake in the morning. I had to go talk to my boss about something I was dreading all week and yes it was a uncomfortable but it was good its ok I am ok.I came home and as I walked in I was greeted by my little girl and all she had to say about her sleepover with the girl scouts. I was also greeted with the cluttered messy house that I often come home to after working the weekend. I normally feel upset about this and because I am tried I tend to be more irritable about it and seem to take it out on everyone. I was not upset at all I thought this is my home, yes its messy and cluttered today but it will be cleaned when I have my days off and it is fixable. Why do I spend so much energy worrying and fretting over stuff that seems so small. I want to show my kids love and be present with them. I want them to think of me as being a happy mom I want my husband to think of me as being happy with the life he is trying so hard to provide for me. I want to spread joy and happiness to my friends and even a stranger once in a while. I want to be sunshine on their raining days to lift them up with positive energy that will recharge them. I want to be a gift to them. I guess its silly it took me so long to figure this out but I did. Part of writing this is a way for me to look back when I have a rotten day and remember how good I felt this day and maybe I can bring some joy back in my own heart again. there is love all around us we just have to decide to see it. I added this picture of Taylor because it seems to show what i feel joy looks like.

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  1. Oh Sherree! This was such a beautiful post! I'm so happy I read it, because it is a good lesson for all of us busy mom's to remember! I love you and I have always thought of you as a happy, joyful person who's full of love and laughter. I think I need to take a lesson from you! I love the pic of Taylor - Awesome!